Base Two Design Studio

Redesigning Base Two's website after an internal rebrand.


Digital Designer


Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe XD


Concept Generation
Interaction Design


6 Weeks

Basic screen flow sketches
Basic screen flow sketches.
The brief was flexible but there were two clear goals that the creative directors had in mind:

  • Tidy up the existing layout of the site
  • Showcase the work.
Responsive wireframes for different page types
Responsive wireframes for different page types.
After a lot of sketches, I developed a simple site structure and a set of wireframes, which started to answer some of the questions we had around layout, page flows and presentation.
Simple prototype to bring the static pages to life
Simple prototype to bring the static pages to life.
Hi-fi prototypes helped to communicate some of the nuances within the designs and flows.

I then went through several stages of iteration and refinement with the creative directors, until we landed on the final design solution.
Desktop and mobile designs
Mobile design example
The site was a modern and minimal focal point that captured the studio’s renewed direction. I was especially pleased with how the site worked responsively, offering a similar experience on both desktop and mobile devices.